Burmese Rohingya Association in Japan (BRAJ)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Letter to Mr.Niitsu San by Zaw Min Htut

Dear Niitsu San,

How are you doing? I hope you and Fukushima Sensei including all of your office staffs are fine. I was so pleased with your words and deed provided to vulnerable Rohingya peoples suffering in Burma. I couldn’t find much better wards to express my appreciation to you and fukushima sensei rather than “thank you very Much from the bottom of my heart’. I believe Rohingya people will not forget it forever.

On 10th July, I was invited to Kagoshima for a lecture on Human Rights at the Shgakukan , University. Prof. Dr. Arakaki, Who invited me is a very well-known human rights expert with a lots of experience at UN, Australia, Newzealand . He is now Refugee Adjudication counselor appointed by Ministry of Justice in the new asylum system. I stayed one night there and discussed a variety of issue especially for Rohingya and refugee problem with the professor. We talked about Fukushima Sensei a lots and I found he really respects her and very eager to see her one day. And he asked to re quest you to have a meeting with Fukushima sensei at your convenience time.

Dr. Arakaki is also a member of Japan Peace Building committee (PBC) which comprises ten top professors from around Japan including Tokyo University. They are now dealing with the Srilanka Civil war and giving recommendation to the Japanese Gov. regarding on that crisis. I discussed about the Rohingya issue to take a consideration by the PBC and he agreed it. He told me that he will invite me to the PBC’s meeting to present Rohingya issue.

I also dissussed with him about the Fukushima san’s idea of having a meeting with Madam Sadako Ogata and prof. Yozu Yokota regarding Rohingya problem. He told me he would like to participate at that meeting as well. He was so impressed by the great idea of Fukushima Sensei . I think he would present his view on that particular issue from the perspective of international human rights standard . I hope you will arrange it in the near future.

Again I am planning to travel to Bangkok to attend a three days seminar on the “Rohingya’s History” at the Cholalankon University in Bangkok by the end of next month. I would like to present a paper at the seminar but I am not sure I could get Thai Visa due to reluctance of Thai Gov. to admit Burmese dissident in their country.

I hope to hear from you soon about the idea of Fukushima sensei to view of Madam Ogata.

With the best regards and highest respect.


Zaw Min Htut
President (BRAJ)